1. Articles: [ENG]
  2. Abstract: [ENG]


Paper presentation format in the conference includes multimedia presentations (10 minutes presentation and 5 minutes discussion) presented in English. Speakers will be required to report to the technical support staff in Conference Room at least 10 minutes prior to the start of their presentation session with their PowerPoint presentation saved on one of the following formats: USB Flash Drive, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM. Also remember it never hurts to bring two formats (ie: USB Flash Drive and CD-ROM), just in case. Acceptable file types: *.ppt, *.pps, *.pptx, *.ppsx, *.pdf.

  1. The deadline for abstract submission is 15.07.2018 and the deadline for paper submission is 15.07.2018.
  2. The main author of the article can be all regular students and PhD first year students      (at the day of the registration).
  3. In the case of work carried out by several people, the person submitting the article                  is required to provide a list of contributors.
  4. The conference fee is 85 if registered and sent abstract before 27.05.2018, for later registration it is 100.
  5. One person can be the main author of maximum one papers.
  6. All the conference participants must complete a Honour and Originality Declaration ([ENG]) for the authors of the publication .
  7. Registration of participant takes place only through the Internet Conference System.         Each participant has an individual form through which they register.
  8. The article written according to the guidelines (described on the website) before                   the application date and send to our email:;
  9. Article should have a maximum of six pages and be written only in English.
    1. Articles should be composed according with the templates (DOC files) for articles ([ENG]) and for abstract ([ENG]).
    2. The article should be sent both in PDF format (*.pdf) and Word file (*.doc or *.docx). In addition abstract should be also sent in both files.The templates are properly formatted, so please do not change anything.
  10. Submission of a paper is associated with transferring to the organizers of the Conference   the rights to publish and share the paper in printed or electronic form.
  11. Payment of the conference fee is a requirement to participate in the Students’ Science Conference (SSC). The only recognized form of payment is a deposit to the conference account.
  12. The conference proceedings will contain only those works whose author or at least one       of the authors will participate in the Conference.
  13. Accepted articles will be presented during the thematic sessions.
  14. Decisions of the Scientific Committee are final and irrevocable.
  15. All the conference participants need to be at least 18 years old at the day of registration.
  16. Full rules of the event ([RULES AND REGULATIONS])